What Gottman Method Couples Therapy Involves.


  • Couple counselling under the Gottman Method begins with an assessment process, which runs over 4 sessions: an initial joint session, an individual session with each partner, and a joint feedback session. Couples also complete the  online assessment 'Relationship Checkup' 

  • The couple begins in the initial session by creating goals for what they would like to get out of the sessions. After these goals have been agreed upon, intervention can begin. The individual sessions allow the Psychologist to determine each individual’s needs.

  • Counselling sessions aim to provide a space for each person to share their concerns and emotions in an and empathetic environment. 

  • It also provides couples with strategies which can be applied in the future to reduce negative feelings and increase positive feelings during conflict.

  • Counselling aims to increase intimacy, respect and affection, resolve conflict that may have reduced closeness in the relationship, achieve greater understanding between the two partners and enable both parties to engage in calm and constructive discussions.